Salmon Fishing Rod

How to choose a Salmon Fishing Rod?

How to choose a Salmon Fishing Rod?

There are some important factors that come into play when making your choice for using the right salmon rods.

You may have to consider:

  • How you will be fishing.
  • Where you will fish at.
  • Your price range.
  • The quality of the fishing rod.
  • And just as important is comfort.

You would probably go for one of the following Salmon Fishing Rods-

Salmon Spinning Rods

These fishing rods are the most commonly used by anglers. They are simply easier to cast with when matched appropriately with a spinning reel, making them the ideal set-up for beginners, yet they are absolutely effective and fun for battling those beefy salmon.

Salmon Bait Casting Rods

A baitcasting rod and reel combo attract the more advanced fishermen. Although they can be more susceptible to backlashes, the reels are less bulkier, and are very productive.

Salmon Trolling Rods

Trolling, aka “mooching”, is one of the very most efficient and effective methods of saltwater and freshwater fishing. Trolling rods undergo a whole lot of stress, which is why they are built tough to withstand the constant tensions and pressures of the various weights of the terminal tackle associated with it.

Salmon Fly Fishing Rods

Salmon fly rods, as opposed to a trout fly rod, are essential for handling those bigger salmon. A typical salmon fly rod would be in the 9′ to 10′ range. And an 8-weight is an ideal choice, whereas a 9 weight may seem to be a bit overkill, and a 7 weight may be a little small as it might not have enough backbone to handle those hefty 25 pounders.

Salmon Saltwater Spinning Rods

These salmon rods are built tough and sturdy in order to take on the power of those bigger sport fish, as well as to endure the constant thresholds of the relentless entities of saltwater. As the saying goes, don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

So which one is for you- is the question. You will have to consider-

Weight And Balance Of A Salmon Rod

Naturally, the lighter the rod you can get away with, the better. And of course, balance is also a key factor. The rod should comfortably balance in your hand when holding it at or near the reel seat. In turn, this provides you the best comfort and fun, rather than having to struggle and deal with greater fatigue and stress.

Salmon Rod Lengths

The length of a salmon rod mainly depends on what type of rod you will be using for the method of salmon fishing you do. The most common rod lengths used by salmon anglers are in the 8′ to 10′ range. These seem to work best for playing the bigger fish. The butt sections are as equally important. A general rule is anywhere from 6 to 12 inches.

The rod butt will normally rest into your torso while playing a fish. So, if it’s too long then your arms end up stretched out while fighting the fish, thus resulting in becoming quickly fatigued. If it’s too short then it may not sit properly in your rod mounts, especially when you are trolling.

Salmon Rod Composites

Most salmon fishing rod blanks are usually constructed out of fiberglass or graphite, or a combination of both materials for added strength and flexibility.

A salmon fishing rod is primarily designed with supreme strength and power for battling fish, as opposed to casting capabilities. They are constructed with the strength to power a solid hook set right into their bony jaws, and to handle those long and intense battles that salmon are well known for.

Happy Fishing!